High Performance Coaching & Mentorship with Grant Driver

coaching mentoring coach grant driverGrant Driver is a well-established and reputable Executive and Business Coach with over 18 years experience in coaching and mentoring, He is retained by leading organisations to assist in driving a high performance culture by helping employees to find their purpose, develop key skills and to prosper.

Grant Driver’s natural skill to bring out the very best in his coaching clients and to guide them on their career and life paths together with his wealth of knowledge on personal mastery and business strategy sets him apart as a preferred coach and mentor to executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Now you have the opportunity to work with Grant Driver as your personal mastery and business coach, either in your personal capacity or as a leader and entrepreneur.


Having Grant Driver as my executive coach always felt like a “safety-net” when I get tangled up in the day to day activities associated with my role in the organisation and more than once Grant was called on to bring some “sanity” back in the chaos that faces me in this leadership position. The value he brings can never be translated into monetary value and one of Grant’s strengths is his ability to have endless patience and continue to “push” for higher performance.
I can recommend Grant to any individual that needs to grow into a specific role of for a specific purpose or any organisation that wishes to enhance the skills of their leadership.

Alice Muller, Corporate Executive Auditor General of South Africa

As General Manager for Biotronik’s South African operations, I can attest to the positive results I had with Grant Driver as my executive coach.
More than being an asset to my career, he has become a valued friend.
I can recommend Grant to any individual or organisation that needs to develop and grow leadership and skills. His surname is not “Driver” for nothing. Thank you, Grant!

Robbie Nel, General Manager South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa

Grant Driver and his team at Captivate International have been instrumental in the growth and development of SilverCrest Insurance Brokers for a number of years.
Grant will take your business from strength to strength whether it is a small business or a multi-million dollar enterprise – you will need to trust and embrace his expertise and advice he shares with you. Grant Driver’s systems work and your business will never be the same again.

Grant Mason, CEO SilverCrest Insurance Brokers

Grant Driver worked with several of the Management Members on an individual coaching basis of which I was one. Grant helped to recognize the contribution and role I was playing in the local affiliate and helped me to position myself. This stood me in good stead when I was proactively approached to consider a regional position, which entailed an intra-continental move from Africa to Europe. The work I completed with Grant helped me focus on my ability and individual brand. Subsequent to this, I transitioned from a local role to a regional role, which I have been in successfully since 2013, and have being expanding my span of control in the subsequent years. I found Grant to be professional, personable and approachable and very easy to develop a rapport with thus enhancing the individual coaching experience and enabling the individual to understand their value proposition and thus drive their individual success.
Of the Management team members that Grant coached individually 3 were offered regional roles with moves to Europe with two of the three still successful in their expanded roles 4 years later.
We have continued to maintain contact with Grant and his organization over the past years looking at opportunities to build on foundations laid several years ago.
I would highly recommend utilizing the professional services of Grant Driver both in the capacity to work with the whole organization, specific teams as well as individuals to enhance employee engagement and drive a solid communications strategy throughout the organization.

Nicole Fynn, Regional HRBP Flavors & Operations

Having grown up in a conservative Afrikaans environment, thinking of my life and career as a brand, and therefor refocusing what I do to match this brand, was a very foreign concept. Yet, there was a point in my life where my career really needed that “little bit extra” to move it to the next level. This is when a colleague recommended Grant Driver.
As a diligent auditor, I have to confirm that literally everything that we originally plotted on my vision board, even the most ambitious and far-off dreams, came off quite spectacularly. But that alone would not do justice to the contribution that Grant made to my life. I know that I gained a trusted guide and soundboard for life. And that makes Grant special as a person that empowers you to reach your dreams!

Jan van Schalkwyk, Executive in the Auditor-General's office

I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Grant Driver.
Grant encompasses everything that you want in a professional such as this with one distinct difference, YOU.
Grant’s approach is to focus on the individual, understanding who they are what drives and motivates them and then he teaches you to be the best you not a carbon copy of someone you aspire to be.
His methods dive deep into exploring aspects such as your personal brand, how to identify others and then how these 2 entities come together.
His approach is fun but with true purpose, and what is even better is he is not teaching you to be the best professional you but the best complete you.
I have learned this first hand, when I first met Grant I was an unhealthy overweight (122kg) sales rep with no direction in my life.
With Grant’s help I progressed quickly in my career and became a successful sales rep with added responsibility, to a product manager and then a sales manager in the biggest medical device company in the world. What is more I am healthier than I’ve ever been (73Kg) and my personal life with my family is the best it’s been in years .I continue to use his teachings and tools like a gratitude journal on a daily bases.
Any interaction with Grant Driver will be one of the best moves of your life.

Duane Du Toit, Private