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Hello and welcome to my Happy Place!  I’m Grant and my purpose is to  enable and inspire you to prosper in your professional and personal life.

This is the hub of prosperity  and leadership teachings for anyone who wishes to place their business, career and personal lives on the fast-track to success.

For the past  25 years I have had the opportunity to work with top global organisations, CEO’ and entrepreneurs as a specialist in high performance culture,  leadership and personal mastery.

I have facilitated hundreds upon hundreds of company conferences and spoken to  just as many audiences in many parts of the world.

As an Executive Coach and mentor I have seen first hand how the right guidance, inspiration and coaching methodology can indeed bring about incredible transformation in people’s lives.   Working with my clients I have had the joy of coaching and observing them go from strength-to-strength in their careers and professional lives.  And celebrated with them as they achieve career and personal milestones.

This journey has taught me how to be a coach, mentor, speaker and teacher that delivers beyond the expectations of my clients and audiences.

Not a day goes by that I do not give gratitude for the path I chose to follow.  I am enriched daily by the audience members I meet, the clients I coach and mentor and the rich relationships I have developed over my career.

Now its about YOU.  Join me on this wonderful journey to your personal mastery and prosperity.



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    Some Words From Grant’s Clients

    “Grant’s relaxed presentation style was very successful in captivating a diverse audience while still accomplishing the objective of ensuring the more serious message was absorbed. The session was well received by all staff. Grant’s key points mirrored the mandate which I asked him to meet and we would definitely consider working with him again.”

    Joh Bisset, Chief Executive Officer

    “Grant is a captivating presenter with an interactive, humorous and engaging presentation style. I was particularly impressed with his confident, and fluid ability to handle witty quips from audience members and respond on the fly – his keynote address elicited great feedback from attendees, and a significant change in perspective and attitude from some previously cynical, and almost disengaged employees has been visible since the address. He delivered perfectly to the brief, with a great balance of content and media and I look forward to doing some further work to entrench this cultural change in the business with Grant.”

    Ruby Franken, Group Marketing Manager
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