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about grant driver motivational speakerGrant Driver guides you to create and master positive change in your life, career and business through his extensive experience, spanning over 20 years, in personal mastery, entrepreneurship and organisational leadership.  Grant has been invited to speak in over 25 countries and has received numerous awards and accolades as a speaking and coaching professional.

He works with leading blue-chip organisations across all industries to drive an engaged and customer-centric culture and is the executive coach to high profile business leaders.

Grant Driver assists individuals and organisations to prosper through his seminars, self-mastery courses, keynote presentations, retreats and exclusive coaching and mentoring interventions.

As a passionate researcher, writer and teacher on the subjects of personal mastery, self- healing and purpose, Grant translates his knowledge into practical and life-changing insights for his audiences and readers.

Annually, Grant Driver engages with thousands of people from all walks of life, to find purpose in their lives and careers, to reclaim their vitality and joy and to live more inspired and meaningful lives.