Grant Driver can be engaged on the future of business as a keynote speaker, workshop and strategy facilitator.

grant driver audience keynote or engagementAs an award-wining, professional speaker, Grant Driver is the keynote speaker at more than 100 leadership events a year.  He is a foremost speaker on the biggest challenges leaders are facing in the 21st Century including:

  • The future of leadership
  • Global changes that will affect every business and all our lives
  • Driving a high performance, can-do, organisational culture
  • Employee Engagement and customer-centricity

As a highly popular inspirational speaker, Grant Driver address more than 4000 people annually at corporate conferences on living and working with purpose and self-mastery.

His extensive and practical insights into the domains of personal and organisational change combined with his proven-track record of executive coaching ensure that his message is of high take-home value for audiences.  As the Founder of Captivate International, recognised specialists in strategic leadership development, organisational culture and employee engagement, Grant Driver works with top international organisations to help them to achieve corporate and strategic objectives.

With his rich experience as a global speaker, Grant Driver is adaptable and relevant to diverse audiences. His highly engaging, on-point and conversational style of presenting ensures that his message is embraced and lived by delegates.

Grant Driver has held the conference speaking platform for some of the biggest organisations in the world including Coca Cola, Toyota, FedEx, Deloitte, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, 3M, AON, Adcock Ingram, Medtronic and many others.

Grant’s highly personable, inspirational and humorous speaking style guarantees a memorable experience for audiences that will leave them invigorated to create the changes needed to drive personal and professional performance.


Grant Driver is a captivating presenter with an interactive, humorous and engaging presentation style. I was particularly impressed with his confident, and fluid ability to handle witty quips from audience members and respond on the fly – his keynote address elicited great feedback from attendees, and a significant change in perspective and attitude from some previously cynical, and almost disengaged employees has been visible since the address. He delivered perfectly to the brief, with a great balance of content and media and I look forward to doing some further work to entrench this cultural change in the business with Grant.

Ruby Franken, Group Marketing Manager SA Biomedical

Grant presented in a terrific conversational manner and captured the audience’s full attention. The content was insightful and has real world applications by nature, which allows for higher then average retention. Our audience loved his talk and left feeling value at so many more levels then other talks. The amazing thing about the talk is that it was an actual demonstration in many cases of the content it was sharing which made it immediately credible.


Grant Driver is an exceptional presenter, speaker and motivator. After working closely with CNBC Africa in its early days, I continued to work with Grant on a personal level for coaching and business leadership. I would highly recommend him to any company looking to get that little bit extra out of their employees.

Quinton Scholes, Head of Sales CNBC and Forbes

Grant Drive’s relaxed presentation style was very successful in captivating a diverse audience while still accomplishing the objective of ensuring the more serious message was absorbed. The session was well received by all staff. Grant’s key points mirrored the mandate, which I asked him to meet, and we would definitely consider working with him again.

John Bisset, Chief Executive Officer SA Biomedical

Grant Driver has talent unlike any other professional I have worked with.
Innovative training material that is client specific, relevant and current. Grant certainly has no problem in keeping his audience completely focused and intrigued right from the start.
It’s a privilege to work with you Grant! Your vision, integrity and on the job life skills are highly addictive and contagious. It is mind blowing to watch you work with a team not comfortable with one another, somewhat on guard – to a complete “speed of trust”, supportive, top performing team.
Thank you for the opportunity to work so closely with you.

Anthia Laros, HR Executive

We chose Grant Driver and his team at Captivate International above all other possible providers to assist us with employee engagement, leadership and aligned culture within the Toyota Brand.
More than 4000 delegates from Toyota voluntarily attend the Toyota Brand Engagement events annually. These interventions, together with Grant’s top level coaching of our Field Staff and his strategic insights and guidance, have contributed enormously towards Toyota achieving corporate objectives.

Elmarie Vos, Senior Manager. Toyota Touch

Grant Driver is a world-class motivational speaker whom I met recently at a Discovery meeting last month. Grant presented on the subject of ‘Leadership’ to a group of Registrar Neurosurgeons plus. The 2-hour presentation was very well received and such a refreshing change from the normal heavy lectures. The evaluation feedback forms made for excellent reading and the extremely practical ‘take home’ messages were appreciated.

Sue McGuinness, Europa Organisation

Grant Driver is one of South Africa’s busiest speakers and trainers – and also one of the best. He has an infectious laugh, a captivating style and brings energy and insight to all his sessions. If you need someone to inspire your team and raise their performance…. then look no further.

Graeme Codrington, CEO of Tomorrow Today Global and the Future Work Academy