Culture & Change

employee engagement culture change grant driverOne of the biggest challenges experienced by organisations globally is employee engagement and driving a values-led organisational culture.  In addition, many organisations find it challenging to create a purpose and passion driven culture where staff are able to align their personal purpose with their career and to be passionate about their contribution to the organisation.

As an expert in employee engagement and organisational culture, Grant Driver is sought-after by top global brands to assist them to create and drive a corporate culture that not only makes the vision and values of the organisation come alive but also to empower employees to discover and live their purpose within the organisation.

Grant Driver together with his team at Captivate International helps global brands to clearly identify the essence of the organisation and then through a number of interventions assists his clients to roll out a dynamic strategy that enables all employees to authentically align with the behaviors and values required to ensure the brand culture truly comes alive for employees and customers.

With a proven track record of working with top organisations across industries including manufacturing, automobile, financial, retail, pharmaceutical and medical Grant Driver is one of a handful of international specialists who truly understands how to make corporate culture come alive and empower the brand to create exceptional customer experiences.

Grant Driver’s approach to employee engagement is built around his well-researched and applied model of engagement that is rolled out together with his company Captivate International, an award-winning organisation specilaising in employee engagement and customer-centricity,