Change Management and Strategy Execution

culture change grant driverDriving change to achieve organisational objectives can be an overwhelming challenge for many leaders globally.  Given that change is part and parcel of leadership, Grant Driver has worked closely with CEO’s and Entrepreneurs to embrace and leverage change to achieve strategic outcomes.

Grant’s extensive experience as a consultant to businesses as a change catalyst and coach enables him to provide valuable insights into driving change.

Booked extensively to share his insights into future trends and forces that will impact business, Grant Driver’s advice is practical and supported with tools to enable leaders to not only prepare for but also to shape the future.

Grant Driver can be engaged on the future of business as a keynote speaker, workshop and strategy facilitator.

As an award winning keynote speaker and facilitator, Grant Driver’s style is engaging, interactive and inspirational.  His excellent sense of humour and ability to convey information in a manner that is practical and implementable has contributed towards his international success as a top conference speaker.  He is frequently re-booked by client’s who value his pragmatic, light-hearted and highly motivational style of engagement.