Grant Driver international facilitator

So you have a strategy session looming and you are concerned about how to bring about a focussed team effort and produce a realistic and achievable strategic plan. Here is what you do. Contact Grant Driver, an expert facilitator, mentor, and professional speaker who facilitates strategy sessions for leading companies including Sasol, Ericsson, Syngenta, McCormick, IFF, and CNBC Africa.
Regarded as a top international Facilitator and specialist in People Engagement, Grant Driver will not only facilitate your strategy session, he will also ensure that he creates an experience that has long-lasting positive outcomes for the team.
Grant’s energetic yet professional style combined with his humor and extensive knowledge ensures that he is able to steer the strategy session toward a desired result. Delegates have a great time and go home knowing that they have contributed positively towards a workable and exciting long-term plan.

What makes Grant Driver a sought-after international Facilitator?

Grant has extensive experience on an executive level in management, marketing, communications, customer service, and sales. He also facilitates across a broad spectrum of industries and is exposed to the latest in thinking and planning at a national and global level. Grant is thus able to offer professional advice and insight if and when necessary.
In addition, Grant’s analytical skills and attention to detail ensure that your strategy is divided into smaller implementable steps ensuring a successful outcome. Grant is able to create a facilitation framework that is dynamic, relevant, and productive by challenging your team to think creatively and out-of-the-box.

For expert Facilitation with tangible results Contact Grant here

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