“I think your ability to intuitively “get” our company personality without someone having to explain the subtle nuances of a family business turned corporate puts you in a class of your own.

Couple this with your passion for growing and developing people into the best that they can be makes you invaluable to us as employers.
You provide a platform for staff to practice what you are teaching them in a safe and “accepted” environment.

Encouraging people to step outside their comfort zones to find a hidden natural talent or create new comfort zones is your special talent.

Our staff have always commented on the fact that you also make yourself available to them for personal issues or challenges. This is very unique to you and they really appreciate being able to chat to you and gain your insights knowing that these discussions are confidential.

I know that the directors also have the utmost confidence in your ability to maintain a good balance between work related development and growth and the personal issues staff ask for assistance with.”

Tracy Wood. Head HR
Fellowes Beswick

“Short note to say thank you for an incredible program you ran with our GEM LT at the end of Oct. It was one of the most enjoyable learning experiences we have had in a long time. The way the program was run and the really interactive sessions made the experience even better. The content of the program and how you embraced Growth Mindset, Executive Presence into Leadership really got the team thinking and wanting to stretch ourselves to become better leaders for our organisation and a better team.

Thank you again and we really look forward to the opportunity of working with you again in the near future”

Andrew Sartor – Country Director
Boston Scientific

Online programme and coaching

“Just some feedback on the totally brilliant life skills and sales course we as a Company attended a few weeks ago. Already it had such a powerful impact on both my work and personal life as well as the work and personal life of my fellow employees. The webinar was very knowledgeable and is it therefore that I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately. It is amazing how you were able to tailor the webinar over 2 half days to our individual needs, as there were 113 of us attending each day. The experience was a total success from start to finish.

I can see why you come so highly recommended! Thank you for the positive influence and I will recommend you to everyone in any organization for life, sales or individual growth training.

It’s been nothing but an absolute privilege to be coached and mentored by you over my 12 year career.”

Morné Griesel – Business manager Spine
Vertice MedTech

“Grant did an amazing workshop on leadership and advocacy for our international delegates in Malta 2020. The way that he engages and interacts with the delegates are above the norm. He is an exceptional facilitator and knows how to engage with all personality types to enable them and the whole team to get the most out of the sessions. I could recommend any of his training modules and workshops to any company, person or organisation big or small.”

International Private Physical Therapy Association (IPPTA)

“Not only are you one of the most engaging strategist and speaker I have had the pleasure to work with, but your “drive” to help AND SEE others succeed is what makes you stand out to me personally. In this industry where ego seems to be the norm, not only do you willingly impart with your very valuable knowledge and intellectual capital but you offer your best self!

Your connection with audiences, even difficult ones at times is why you such a successful speaker. It is something that comes naturally and effortlessly to you.

Connecting to and with people is your greatest strength. Perhaps it is not a unique ability but when you do on so many levels in corporates, I think it is unique. In so doing, you also ignite hidden strengths in others they may not have realised before. The reason I say this is because in my personal capacity, I feared people (although I have worked in events industry for 25+ years!) and any form of speaking to groups yet, since meeting you and working with you, I found a confidence I never knew I had.

You have a great sense of creativity and a brilliant detailed eye when it comes to creating unique events which is one of the reasons I love working with you!

Your gratitude for what you have daily is what I believe distinguishes you amongst many and certainly something that you have taught me the deeper meaning within gratitude.

On a personal level, your dedication to family in particular your parents, is something I truly admire as it is rare.”

Chrystal Prinsloo
MD of Centwise and Limelight events

“I want to thank you once again for a super AWESOME Motivational session on Saturday!!!!!!

I have attended a lot Motivational Talks throughout my 18 year career in Pharmaceutical and Surgical and you are definitely by faaaaaaar the BEST!!!!

Training and Education is close to my heart and you have taught me once again the Value of Branding and most importantly of Being Outstanding!!!!!”

Tokkie Harris
Sales Representative ENT at Medtronic Africa (Pty) Ltd

“Grant’s relaxed presentation style was very successful in captivating a diverse audience while still accomplishing the objective of ensuring the more serious message was absorbed. The session was well received by all staff. Grant’s key points mirrored the mandate which I asked him to meet and we would definitely consider working with him again.”

John Bisset
Chief Executive Officer

Grant is a captivating presenter with an interactive, humorous and engaging presentation style. I was particularly impressed with his confident, and fluid ability to handle witty quips from audience members and respond on the fly – his keynote address elicited great feedback from attendees, and a significant change in perspective and attitude from some previously cynical, and almost disengaged employees has been visible since the address. He delivered perfectly to the brief, with a great balance of content and media and I look forward to doing some further work to entrench this cultural change in the business with Grant.”

Ruby Franken
Group Marketing Manager

I would like to personally thank you for your presentation to the Discovery PAs. Judging from the comments of those who attended, your talk was very successful and one of the highlights of our summit. All the credit goes to you who gave such and interesting and thought provoking talk. What resonates with most of the PAs is that we all come into the world with a unique purpose for our lives. Finding that purpose and celebrating our uniqueness can often be quite challenging though!

We hope that you will want to be involved in our PA Summits in years to come. We were pleased to have your participation in this unique PA Summit, and we thank you for your valuable contribution.
Sharing is Caring!

Susan Engelbrecht
PA Centre of Excellence

“Grant has the ability to read his audience, capture their imagination and inspire them. He is a very professional individual with a wonderful sense of humour.”

Anneke Janse van Rensburg
PA to Hans Buyl at Baroque Medical Supply

“I have had the pleasure of accompanying Grant on presenting Architects of our Customers Experience. He is inspirational, opens your mind up to new ways of thinking and what you learn makes you want to continually better yourself as well as your skill in communicating with people.
He is knowledgeable/expert in the many fields and added value to our organization in working with him.”

Martin Els
Product Manager – Metal, Wood & Construction Divisions at Wurth South Africa Co. (Pty.) Ltd.

“Innovative training material, that is client specific, relevant and current. Grant certainly has no problem in keeping his audience completely focussed and intrigued right from the start.
It’s a priviledge to work with you Grant! Your vision, integrity and on the job life skills are highly addictive…more
Grant has talent unlike any other professional I have worked with.”

Anthia Laros
HR Manager Digistics

“Grant helped us improve the effectiveness of our sales teams around the country by reducing their knowledge gap and increasing the teams ability to identify the clients real requirements and provide appropriate solutions.”

Mike Fanucchi
Non Exec Director at Transnet

“In the time I’ve known Grant, I have always found him to be open, honest and approachable. A people’s person through and through, Grant always offers constructive feedback and sound advice. I add him to my most trusted advisors that will provide me with good council and guidance.”

Alexander Leibner
Head at ABN Productions

“Grant is a professional in every sense of the word as is evident in his material and presentation. His conduct and work-ethic on assignments is exemplary and I would recommend his services to any prospective client.”

Dr. Andries Willemse
SVP Global Technical Services

I was successful and subsequently appointed as Business Executive in the Eastern Cape Business Unit of Auditor General South Africa.
Thanks very much for all the coaching and guidance, keep on doing great work.

Sithembele Pieters

I would like to thank you for the amazing talk you gave today you honestly have made me more driven and have awoken something that has been dormant for a long time. I wish to be trained and possibly mentored by a great mind such as yours. I have shared your Facebook/LinkedIn and website link to all my colleagues and friends because I believe that you have a lot to share to the world and people need to know. thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Siyanda Mthiyane

Let me start of by saying that by the time I met Grant I had applied numerous times for higher positions in the organisation, without success. I met Grant in 2007 as part of an initiative to prepare me for my interview for a position at the next level and to enhance the identification of my strength and weaknesses and to actively address these. His focus was heavily on self-awareness and he spend endless sessions with me to dig further and further into who Alice really was, what matters to her and what she has to offer her leaders, her peers and the rest of the organisation. These sessions also included the identification of personal values and to establish the value proposition for my own brand. Needless to say I was successful and was appointed as a Corporate Executive in March 2008, which I don’t believe would have been possible without Grant’s help.
Over the next few years Grant continue to support me in continuous self- development which specific focus on being an inspiring leader, up-skill my negotiation abilities with great results and also to focus on improving and fostering good relationships inside and outside the organisation. Good relationships became critical in the work that we do to influence a better live for all South Africans!
Having Grant as my coach always felt like a “safety-net” when I get tangled up in the day to day activities associated with my role in the organisation and more than once Grant was called on to bring some “sanity” back in the chaos that faces me in this leadership position. The value he brings can never be translated into monetary value and one of Grant’s strengths is his ability to have endless patience and continue to “push” for higher performance.
I can recommend Grant to any individual that needs to grow into a specific role of for a specific purpose or any organisation that wishes to enhance the skills of their leadership.

Alice Muller
Corporate Executive
Auditor General of South Africa

Just a note to say Thank You for the presentation today. It was refreshing and a great reaffirmation of the way to get it right!
I think that I would agree that I am an amiable driver….just need to hone my skills!!!
Have a safe trip home, and a great weekend!

Helen Patrick
Mortimer Toyota

Dear Grant
I just want to thank you from my side. The course and the contents were fantastic and I can really say that I have learned a lot about leadership and also myself.

Ferdi van der Merwe
New Vehicle Sales Manager
McCarthy Toyota Gezina

Congratulations on a very well organized and presented session normally I do my best to find an excuse not to attend a Toyota Touch session , but if this is the way forward I’ll be the first to book.
Thank you once again

Patrick Rosslee
Service manager Messina Toyota

I was privileged to attend a workshop with you in the week at Birchwood. The workshop was great thank you I really enjoyed it.
Kind Regards

Gavin Andrew
Sales Executive
Toyota Alberton

I just want to say thank you so much for the awesome Toyota Touch conference. I had a blast.
Kind regards.

Jenna Smal
New & Used Sales Executive
Buffalo Toyota, Mthatha

I would like to thank you all for the opportunity of experiencing the TOYOTA TOUCH workshop. I have learned so much about how our business is changing. The most valuable learning point for me was learning about diversity. Now that I have a better understanding I will be proud TOYOTA TOUCH AMBASSADOR.
Kind regards

Joey Khan
Field Technical Manager
North Region
Toyota South Africa Motors

Ons was verlede week by jou opleiding saam met Landmark. Ek het vandag dat my personeel die Personality types doen en vanaand gaan ons dit bespreek.
Hulle is BAIE opgewonde en vir my was dit nogal ‘n ‘eyeopener’ om te sien wie in watter kategorie val….baie interressant en ek moet se van hulle is nogal in die regte posisie met die regte persoonlikheid.
Sal laatweet hoe hulervaring was.
Lekker dag

Estelle Benadie
Ntk Limpopo

Thank you once again for participating as a speaker at the Progressive Leadership Conference last week Thursday.
According to the conference feedback forms, our selection of excellent speakers and panelists, along with the wide range of leadership topics and insights shared, received positive ratings from delegates in attendance on the day. This indicates the important role you played in making this inaugural event a success!
In order to help us improve on the planning and co-ordination of our future events and conferences, we would be grateful it if you took a few minutes to complete and return the attached feedback form. Any information you can provide – positive or negative – will be most appreciated.
Thank you once again for your support. We look forward to working with you again for our future events, and wish you all the best in your current and future endeavours.
Kind Regards

Floyd Munetsi

Colourblind Consulting

Progressive Leadership

Thank you for the awesome Leadership and Brand Experience Workshop.
What I have implemented working with people is Inspiration with Accountability. There is a timeline to all activities and with daily scorecard reviews. Will update you on the number we end on this month.
Awesome and going great

Automark Sales Manager

Mr “Driver” was quite interesting indeed. I like his informal but authentic style of presentation. He made such a conservative topic very interesting.
Well done

Doreen Kosi
Adcock Ingram

Grant is a vibrant, inspirational speaker who captures his audience throughout his presentation. Each one in the audience could connect with him. He added value to our conference.

SBV Services

From the first day I listened to you, my life has never been the same again, I am now making my mark, not doing things for the sake of doing them, Now I make sure that everything I do is personalized. I would love to join you on your next workshop!
If you always do what you’ve done, you will always get what you’ve got. Keep on keeping on! Thank you so much, I have never been this confident in my life!”

The value of having everybody get the complete picture, and trusting each person with it,” Grant Driver will develop your customer service to expertise and value through his Professional and Business speaking at your conference.

AneleNtuli Department of Human Settlements, Qualified Architectural Technologist