Impact through self-awareness.

In a survey conducted globally of over 200 coaching professionals around the globe Impact through Self Awareness as a coaching topic was identified as crucial and ranks high for all leaders across all levels including C-Suite, Mid- Level and Junior Management and is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. But what is Self-Awareness and why does it matter for you to master this skill as a business leader?

Self-Awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence. And once you have mastered your self-awareness it makes all the other emotional intelligence skills easier to apply.

lead with impact through sef awareness grant driverSelf-awareness is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection. To accurately perceive your own emotions in any moment and to understand your tendencies across situations.

Self-Awareness includes staying on top of your reactions to certain people, events and challenges as and when you experience them.

Essentially, self-awareness and introspection go hand-in-hand and requires a willingness to face the discomfort of focusing on feelings that may be negative. Remember that emotions always serve a purpose.  They are your reaction to the world around you and always come from some source.

Self-Awareness is understanding why something gets a reaction out of you and to quickly cut to the core of the emotion that follows. I’d like to stress that self-awareness is not about digging deep into the unconscious mind and discovering secrets about yourself but rather developing a clear understanding of what makes you tick.

Remember that as emotional beings, we will always experience a stirring of feelings in every situation we find ourselves in. Through your self-awareness you will be able to regulate your responses to any situation.

Emotions are the outward display of our thoughts. And can often show up when we least expect or want them to. Their purpose is to bring our attention to something that we need to be aware of within ourselves.

Research show that as your self-awareness increases so does your satisfaction with life and your ability to reach your goals is amplified. In fact, 83% of people high in self-awareness are top performers, and just 2 % of bottom performers are high in self-awareness. If you wondering why this is the case, it’s because when you are self-aware you are much more likely to apply your strengths, manage your stress levels and inspire yourself to perform at your best levels.

Why does self-awareness matter in leadership?

Leaders high in self-awareness are very clear in their understanding of what they do well, they have a vision for their life and clearly defined goals and know what motivates them and excites them. They also known which people and situations irk them and stress them out.

Leaders who are high in self-awareness embrace their ‘emotions’ – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Emotions are a sign of what we need to change and do differently.

From a leadership perspective, self-awareness provides the necessary base for having a strong character, creating the ability to lead with purpose, trust and authenticity. Self-awareness gives us a clear understanding of who we are and what we need most from other people to have a successful team. You will know what your strengths are and develop a team with members with individual strengths that will compliment yours.

Self-awareness can and should be a wonderful journey of discovery.  With effort, time and discipline you can develop your self-awareness and enjoy the immense success this will afford you.

Remember there is no finish line when it comes to your self-awareness but as time goes by you will look back and realise how far you have come. You will notice that you react to difficult people and situations in a calm manner and you will have experienced wonderful success because you have learnt to tap into your powerhouse of strengths, skills, intuition and experiences.

I guess self-awareness can be likened to peeling back the layers on the onion and getting to know the middle – and that is the essence of whom you are. The miracle of being yourself awaits you. It takes bravery to face up to your emotions and the cause of them.  But with every step you take in mastering your emotions you will feel a sense of accomplishment and success.

When you are self-aware, you can see where your thoughts and emotions are guiding you. It also allows you to take control of your actions so you can make the necessary changes to achieve the outcomes you desire.

I wish you great fulfilment on your on path to self-awareness.